Boa Vista Surf Spots

Boa Vista

This island with long and untouched beaches is one of few remaining places on earth where you can experienced raw and natural beauty.

Absence of road network makes most of the island inaccessible unless you rent 4×4 or quad bike. That also makes most of the spots crowd less or rather empty – only you, waves and sandy beach. The island has a surface of around 600km2 with the longest distance just 30km(from north to south). The main town is Sal Rei with around 3000 habitants on north west corner of the island.

Conditions : Windy season starts in October and last till the end of May sometimes even June. In first three months of the seasons there is just 50% of windy days but it is also the time when waves begin. So in windless days you can try surfing or explore the island and its perfect spots.
For the rest of the season there are 90% of windy days.



Bahia is located on the north-west side of the island, just before the City of Sal Rei – around 20 minutes walk from the center of the town or 15 minutes drive from Airport.
Conditions: The waves are generally smaller than on the other spots on the west side however the wind is cross off shore and gusty which makes riding waves pretty difficult. Coming back to the shore deserves good riding upwind what sometimes can take a while.

Riu Karmboa

The hotel lays on Praia de Chaves and 5 minutes ride from the airport and the spot as well as the wind&kite SurfVista center. It is right in front of RIU hotel. The center offers lessons, kite storage, rescue service, kite repairs and fresh water.

Conditions: Right out of the hotel there is wave spot for experienced riders with waves 2,5-3m and nasty shore break. For all beginners and freestyle riders the spot offers also flat water but to get that you have to walk upwind around 300m to the right. There is also small lagoon where all kite and windsurf lessons take place. The wind is side offshore from the right.

Iberostar and Royal de Cameron hotels

Those two hotels are placed one next to another on the south end of very beautiful bay with wide beaches. Around 10 min from the airport.

Conditions: The wind is side to side on-shore with waves 1-2m and choppy water. Shore line creates kind of a bay that makes the place safe for wind and kitesurfing and in case something goes wrong you will end up on the dry land.


The spot lays on the south western tip of the island and if you get it wrong on a big day here there is not much going for your chances of survival. 500m downwind and you are out into open ocean with no rescue around or if you are more lucky you are washed onto volcanic cliffs. There is really not much room for an mistakes. However for experienced riders Varandinha definitely brings lots of fun with their big and slowly waves. The wind is side-off-shore from the right.


Santa Maria

Spot with lots of rough swell waves from north. However there can be large flat spots in between the waves that are great for practising freestyle. This spot is also tourist attraction because of huge rusty shipwreck. You can take really nice photos with the wreck in background. Wind generally on shore that makes going out difficult, sometimes strong current.

Ponta Antonia

East from Santa Maria there is Ponta Antonia which is probably the safest place on the island and is a great place to get started. The wind is on shore from the left with small waves in the bay. There are bigger waves behind but it takes a while to get to them because direction of the wind. The spot like most on the island is deserted but it is also small and with more than 15 people it’s getting crowded.