Kite Surf Safari

Whether you are a freestyle kiter, a surf-kiter or both and trying to improve your surf skills or either explore Boa Vista island with us. There are a few spots on the island with different conditions and different waves. One of our expert instructors will guide you from the ground up. No matter what your goal is, we will work with you on a personal level to try and reach it.

Common things we work on are ? kite positioning, riding toe-side, progressing from strapped to strapless, going from a twin-tip to a surfboard and all the turns you can do in the waves. We have a three options for you to offer.

Daily trips

We will take you to one of the spots, depends on the swell and wind. During the trips we will prepare tasty food and drinks for you and take some pictures of you on the water.We also provide beach service like landing,launching kite and small repairs and in case of trouble we provide rescue service.

100 Euro per car

Daily trips with lessons

You go to one of the spots with our instructors which provides the service, takes photos and films.During the lesson we will explain and corect all your mistakes you made on the water. After the session, fresh and tasty grilled fish will be waiting for you.

1h session with instructor-60 euro per person(price includes surf board)

Weekly camp

We will organize for you wave safari through all spots on the island. You will spend one week with instructor who will document and analize your progress. Everyday we will prepare something special to eat and drink. In the evening will take you to very nice beach bar and analize your progess.

400 Euro per person(at least 3 persons are neccesery to start the camp)

We arrange transport from and to every hotel on the island, equipment (if needed). If you need we can help you to find appartment in Sal Rei. The cost are around:
250-350 euros per week-1 bedroom apartment with living room and kitchen
350-450 euro per week-2 bedroom flat with living room and kitchen

If you have any questions at all regards please contact us at